Services For the Absentee Home Owner

“Tom and Elizabeth watched our home while we were out of town for the summer. Their level of service, attention to detail, communication and professionalism were all extraordinary. They went above and beyond expectations, and even pulled some weeds that were growing in between the pavers around the pool. Plus, on top of all of that, they are very nice people! We will use their service whenever we are away, and you should too!”
LF, Lakewood Ranch

Home watch is NOT house sitting or property management. A home watch service is specifically focused on ensuring that home stays in good working condition and that maintenance issues are identified and addressed keeping damage that can be caused by deferred maintenance, weather related events and plumbing, electrical or climate control related catastrophes to a minimum.

We develop our services around industry best practices as prescribed by the National Home Watch Association and your wants and needs based on your property.

The following is an overview of our services.  Please contact us to discuss specific details of your requirements! 

Home Watch:
Check for:

  • forced entry/vandalism/storm damage/signs of pests and animal intrusion/unusual odors or noises
  • water leaks/damage/signs of mold or mildew/test and inspect all water features (sinks, showers, toilets)/ensure main water is off post test
  • hot water tank/ensure breaker is off
  • AC/thermostat settings/operation/filters/drain lines
  • Electrical panel/tripped breakers/inspect and test smoke detectors/change batteries when needed
  • Perimeter – lanai/pool/cage/screens/irrigation system/fencing
  • Interior humidity levels/temperature/refrigerator/freezer settings and operation
  • All windows are closed and secured
  • Operation of interior/exterior lighting/collect mail/newspapers/remove debris/verify lawn & pool maintenance
  • Immediate notification of any concerns or issues that may be identified
  • Detailed electronic reports sent direct to clients

Concierge/ Key holder:

  • Secure large deliveries, meet emergency response, meet contractors
  • Monitor home projects, remodels or repairs, while you are away sending photos and updates of the progress
  • Boats / lifts, we can check your boats and lifts and schedule cleanings
  • Deliveries, we can arrange to meet delivery drivers
  • Clean perishables out of the refrigerator upon departure
  • Restock refrigerator prior to arrival and refresh cleaning
  • Start cars/check trickle chargers
  • Modem reboot for smart homes

    Storm Services for Home Watch clients only:
    Pre-Storm Preparation (available up to 16 hours prior to storm landing on a first call, first serve basis)

    Included in this service: exterior inspection, secure lanai furniture and grills, verify landscaping is not against or over home, ensure automatic storm shutters are lowered, shut down HVAC for the duration of the event, prep pools and spas, provide assistance coordinating storm shutter installation if necessary (we are not a storm shutter installation provider)

    Post storm Check (when conditions are safe)

    Included in this service: exterior inspection, assist in coordinating shutter removal and general cleanup

    Hourly rates apply

    Our Reporting System

    We utilize best in class reporting system that is secured, GPS enabled and integrated so to keep communication streamlined and concise. All of the reports are backed up, easily reviewable and retrievable. Photographs will be embedded in the reports with notes. Inspection reports will be sent at the conclusion of each visit with invoices once monthly.

    Please review the video for more information.

    Accredited, Certified, Bonded & Insured